PHP Camp

A few summers ago I led a web site design camp for four 12-13 year old boys. We dabbled with HTML, PHP and MySQL to create a web site for reviewing video games.

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I spent the last week of last summer teaching HTML to three 10 year olds. The biggest problem was keeping up with them. Here's their work:

And here's my reward.

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Book Reviews

I read a lot of books, and have always wanted to write some book reviews. Here are my first humble offerings:

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In 1987, I went on tours of two fascinating countries: New Zealand, and Nepal. In 1988, I went on a three week bike trip in Austria and Switzerland. During these trips, I wrote myself a postcard each day. You can read my daily journals:

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If you are a Beernink, and you would like a email address, I can set you up with yourname© which will forward to your main email address. Names are available on a first-come first-served basis. I can also forward to your web page.

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